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Tree maintenance and pruning services Sydney

Wildcat Garden Services offer tree maintenance and pruning services in Sydney. For residential, strata and commercial gardens. Saving the need to call out a tree company for the minor tree work that arises from time to time. And assistance in finding the best way forward for your tree if you have any concerns and are looking for another opinion.


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Small Feature Tree Pruning Inner West

Horticulturist and Arborist with over 30yrs experience. Maintaining lawns and garden in Sydney. Professional pruning service for maintenance of feature trees, fruit trees, topiaries. To compliment our gardening service. We also provide tree maintenance services including crown raising, thinning, shaping. Tree fertilising and pest and disease identification. And recommendations for treatment if required.

Specialist Tree Pruning Sydney

Horticulturist Arborist Specialty Tree Pruning Service

For specialist professional pruning service for your trees in Sydney. Contact. Adrian from Wildcat Garden Services on 0477 465 030. Too see how we can get your garden looking its best.

We do not have a truck and chipper for removals. I became a horticulturist and arborist to look after trees. Not to write death warrants for them. And cut them down. It is a small tree service and feature tree pruning service.

Tree Pruning and Garden Maintenance Inner West Sydney
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