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Gardening Service Concord NSW 2137

Skilled and trained gardeners and horticulturist providing garden maintenance services in Concord NSW 2137. For all general gardening works including maintenance of hedges, topiaries and rose pruning. Fertilising, mulching and weeding.

Lawn Mowing and Gardening Service

Identification and treatment of plant pest and disease problems. Or pruning and reshaping of feature trees, general plants, shrubs, grasses within your garden. Wildcat Garden Services Sydney cater for all your lawn and garden maintenance requirements.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss how we be able to assist with your landscaping and Grounds maintenance service requirements.

A garden needs regular maintenance to keep it looking good.

Garden Maintenance Inner West Sydney

Gardening Services Sydney

Skilled and trained gardener Concord providing garden maintenance services.

Hand weeding and spraying: Our skilled gardeners meticulously remove even the most resilient weeds, ensuring a weed-free environment for your plants to thrive.
Pruning: From meticulously shaping hedges and roses to expertly trimming feature trees up to 3 meters, our use of secateurs and hand shears guarantees a natural and aesthetically pleasing outcome for your plants.
Mulching: Regular maintenance of mulch is essential to enhance the visual appeal of your garden, suppress weed growth, and conserve water, resulting in a vibrant and sustainable landscape.
Fertilising: Recognizing the unique challenges posed by Sydney soils, our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to improve soil quality, promoting optimal growth and productivity for your plants.
Refurbishing and replanting: We specialize in breathing new life into existing gardens through revitalization and strategic replanting, transforming tired landscapes into vibrant and thriving outdoor spaces. For all you garden maintenance in Concord

Garden Maintenance Lawn Mowing Hedge Trimming

Gardener Concord Sydney

Wildcat Garden Services are experts in plants and understand the art of caring for a garden. We can sit down with you to work out a maintenance plan and provide a regular garden maintenance service in Concord to keep your plants healthy and looking their best.

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