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Garden Makeover Australian Native Plant Species

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Front Garden Design Makeover Australian Native Garden Theme

This project by Wildcat Garden Services was an Australian native plant theme front garden design. Changing over from on old grass patch to a new Australian native garden planting. With the construction of a new curved path and landing pad for the waste bins.



Garden Makeover Australian Native Garden

Landscape Construction

The process for the construction of this front garden included stripping of the old lawn. And soil preparation. Cultivating the soil to 300mm depth.  With the addition of some river sand to improve drainage of the existing soil.




Garden Makeover Australian Native Garden


Garden Makeover Construction and Planting

Shaping up soil and preparing and laying of the curved path. The pavers were given a hardwood detail trim. And Kashmiri white pebbles were used as the infill. The stone infill was resin set in place. The resin is clear and cannot be seen. But holds the stone firmly in place Finally the front garden planting and mulching. The design for this front garden was an informal  planting. Some of the plant species used were. Mimetes and Serruria ‘Blushing Bride’  South African Proteaceae worked there way so the garden not completely Australian native but great looking plants, Kangaroo Paw cultivars, Scaevola, Leaucospermum. Then to finish of the garden makeover mulched with 14-25mm pine bark layer approximately 75mm thick..



Garden Makeover Australian Native Garden
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