Cleaning Services Sydney

Common area cleaning, BBQs, Building Entries, Stairwells, Carparks, Rest rooms

Cleaning Services Sydney

To compliment our garden services we now provide a complete range of facilities cleaning services. From general dusting, mopping and vacuuming of common areas. And also including pressure cleaning of paths driveways and brickwork. As well as our general garden maintenance services.

Carpark Cleaning

Leaf clean up blowing pressure cleaning paper picking

Facilities Cleaning

Bathroom, Building Entries, BBQ, Foyers, Paths.

Pressure Cleaning

From small to large areas including pavers, concrete and stone work driveways.

For further information on how we may able to assist. With general cleaning and maintenance of your grounds. And their associated facilities. Please call Adrian on 04777 465 030.

BBQ Community Facilties Cleaning Services

High Pressure Cleaning Services

Wildcat Garden Services provide High pressure cleaning services. Including Driveways Carparks Stone Work Houses. Paved areas and pool surrounds. To remove built up dirt and grime for foot paths, driveways and carparks.  Concrete, stone, paved surfaces, .

Hig Pressure Cleaning Services

Pressure Cleaning Rates and Quotes

Please call Adrian on 0477 465 030 to see how we can assist you. With cleaning and maintenance of your building facilities.

Our rates for high pressure cleaning driveways and flat surface area cleaning are list below. Additional fees may be required to cover heavily soiled areas we are happy to come and quote larger and less straightforward sites.

For small areas  and general driveway cleaning and footpaths paved areas the rates below will apply in most circumstances including any light degreasing of oil stains.


Driveway Cleaning Rates

Up to 50sq/m $165.00 plus GST

From 50sq/m to 150sq/m $300.00 plus GST

For larger areas rates drop considerably as set up time is a significant part of the cost for cleaning of small areas. Please call/text 0477 465 030 or email with some images and I will get back to you.