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Green Roof Garden Maintenance Service

Rooftop Garden Maintenance Service

Wildcat Garden Services rooftop garden maintenance. The owner of Wildcat Garden Services worked for a number of years as Senior Horticulturist and landscape Manger. At Darling Park one of Sydney’s premier green roof gardens. As a result rooftop gardens have become a particular passion of the business owner Adrian Kelsey.

If you have any queries on how Wildcat may be able to assist. With the maintenance or upgrading of your garden. Please feel free to contact the owner of Wildcat Garden Services. Adrian phone 0477 465 030. Or email: We would be happy to provide an obligation free quotation and site consultation. To assist in getting the best results from your garden project or maintenance servicing year round.

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 Maintaining a Rooftop Garden

Rooftop garden maintenance can provide for some interesting challenges. And generally require frequent maintenance. With upkeep of irrigation systems, And good mulch layers to help conserve water. Most roof top gardens tend to lean on the poor side with soil quality and depth. Particularly with many the older housing estates and multi residential tower complexes.

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Some of the most critical issues include ensuring irrigation is maintained in optimum working order. A rooftop garden typically has a shallow soil profile which is prone drying out. Managing soils with good quality mulch regularly topped up will assist in water in retention. A fertiliser regime to ensure plants are healthy. And in the best position to handle the extreme conditions that can be encountered on some roof tops. Careful plant species selection. Particularly if there have been any substantial plant failures in the past. There are often logistics and handling issues involved with getting material’s on and of the roof top itself. And health and safety issues associated with working at heights.