Garden Makeover Asian Plant Species

Strathfield, Burwood, Fivedock, Homebush

Garden Makeover Garden Design Asian Themed Garden

This garden makeover was quite an easy design using plants only from the Asian region. Available Asian plant species were abundant and it was more a matter of deciding on particular cultivars for good flowering and form for this garden makeover. I had heard about and had seen pictures of the Meiji shrine garden in Japan built for a Japanese princess. With 120 different species. This is were my inspiration for this garden began. This garden has a mix of shaded areas to almost full sun. Giving me good opportunities for variety in plant material.

Garden Makeover Asian Plant Species Themed Garden
Asian Plant Species Themed Garden

Asian Plant Species

The garden being of good size created opportunity for a good variety of plant material to be used in the garden makeover. The list below being just a few Asian plant species used and gives us flowers  year round somewhere in the garden.

Wisteria sinensis, Azalea ‘Christine Matton’, Azalea “alba magna’, Acorus ‘var’, mondo. Anemone, Gardenia, Cycads, Abutilon, Spiraea x 2 species, Lemon grass, Miscanthus, Ixora, Camellia.

Soil Improvements and Amelioration

The soil condition was fairly good here. We added Canadian peat moss to the soil to help with Ph particularly for the Azaleas and gardenia. The garden received the usual treatment of rotary hoeing. And the incorporation of water storing polymers to aid in water retention.

Garden Fertilising and Nutrient Deficiency Treatment

Heavy doses of Nitrogen and Potassium as soil tests showed this to be problem. The Nitrogen deficiency was clearly visible with most of the existing plants showing varying signs of deficiency. Potassium shows up in small flowers and leaf tips on the deciduous plants die back.

The Potassium deficiency i rated as the worst problem in this garden makeover. Having an impact on the deciduous plants particularly the Japanese maples which give us no winter colouring up. The leaves just go brown. We have been loading with Potassium for a 2 years now with a good positive result in increased flower size and quantity on some crepe myrtles. Hopefully this year we get a much better result.


Irrigation received a complete refurbishment. New housings and low flow nozzles.

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